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Saxony. State of the Arts.

New Splendour within Old Walls

Church naves, castle gates and summer residences

Countless castles, palaces, parks, gardens and mansions are part of the historico-cultural heritage of Saxony, left to us by renowned builder-owners like August the Strong. They frequently form the backdrop for theatre and music performances, castle festivals, knights' games and exhibitions as well as wonderful weddings. You can even stay overnight in some of them.

Castles in Saxony

With the numerous castles in prominent locations in Saxony the aristocracy set standards: the sovereigns of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque could only live as splendidly because wealth and artistry converged: nature and culture, picturesque river valleys and magnificent castle grounds, high cliffs and huge fortresses, deep forests and romantic aristocratic residences make unforgettable contrasts throughout Saxony.

Palaces and Fortresses

Wealth prospers behind thick walls: almost all strategically crucial spots in Saxony are crowned by fortifications. Lined up like pearls on a string in the deep valleys along the river Mulde or solitary enthroned as Germany's highest fortress. Stories and myths have grown up around almost every one of them, making of Saxon history one of the most colourfully illustrated broadsheets in Europe.

Gardens and Parks in Saxony

Saxony presents European masterpieces of garden art. That makes Saxony a paradise for park and garden lovers. As baroque grounds or vast forest and pond landscapes they adorn numerous castles and mansions.

Monasteries in Saxony

Kapitelle Altzella

Whether the heritage of the Cistercians or living monasticism - significant monasteries in Saxony tell of those archaic times when the future "motherland of Reformation" became Christian for the first time. Wherever Cistercians built monasteries they transformed forests and swamps into fertile land and brought civilization and progress. Also in Saxony.

Overnight stays in Saxony

Schlosshotel Gaussig

Today, some of the most beautiful and significant Saxon mansions are once more in private ownership. They have often transformed into stylish hotels, modern convention centres or culinary temples. Their guests do not need to use their imagination to become the "lord or damsel of the castle". In hospitable Saxony many doors to a temporary lordly existence are wide open.

Thematic Castle Routes

In Saxony, the domains of aristocracy, bourgeoisie and clergy can be discovered quite well separately - better, however, all in one go. On the way you can discover many places of interest. You don't always need a car to do so. Because Saxony also offers ideal conditions for those who like to hike or cycle - following the tracks of Saxon history all the same.

Thematic Castle Routes